ISSN: 1309-8780
e-ISSN: 2822-3985

Serdar Hakan Öztaner1, İbrahim Ethem Koçak2

1Ankara Üniversitesi, Dil ve Tarih-Coğrafya Fakültesi, Arkeoloji Bölümü, Ankara/TÜRKİYE
2Gaziantep Üniversitesi, Fen Edebiyat Fakültesi, Arkeoloji Bölümü, Gaziantep/TÜRKİYE

Keywords: Nysa, Figured Corinthian Capital, Eros, Garland, Colonnaded Street, Market Basilica, Forum.


In this paper, it is aimed to evaluate the four garland - Eros figured Corinthian capitals and the capital fragments with garland / Eros figures, 22 Eros pieces and 58 bay laurel leafed garland pendants having the same size and style which were unearthed during the excavations between 2013-2020 years, in the ancient city of Nysa located within the borders of Sultanhisar in Aydın Province.

The garland decorations of the garland / Eros figured capitals unearthed during the excavations at the tribunal section in the northern part of the market basilica situated at the eastern edge of the forum and at the colonnaded street /street 1 in the ancient city of Nysa are examined. Within the scope of the study, these elements with garland and other Anatolian examples with similar iconography are typologically compared. According to the ornamental and stylistic features of the Corinthian capitals and garland decoration, the capitals were dated back to the second half of the second century AD., but it was not determined with certainty which building they belong to in Nysa. A hypothesis is presented that the capitals evaluated regarding their findspots may have belonged to the same building complex as the figured “skylla” capitals of the forum and the market basilica.